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result the u.s. debt crisis is full of the paucity of the sun it would tuesday's deadline glazing legislators will have to be false to avoid default some. s.s. veterans have gathered for the annual ball to the stone yeah but it's once again cools down wages not today so you say turning a blind eye to such meetings that need to be more tragedies similar to what you did way. israel's bracing itself for the big it's a protest rally some very easy government demonstrations in the country of jordan comparisons with the arab spring uprisings. in the scientific breakthroughs that the future places to have.
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hello and welcome to technology update are you tired of paying those overblown electric bills at the end of each month this could be the answer you've been waiting for a lot of the energy and with it a lot of the harder in cash gets burned by crummy old incandescent light bulbs but what if i could get you a lot more light and waste way less wattage in the process and up and coming russian company is just open a huge new production facility to help make that energy efficient dream a reality. doesn't need my sleazy sales fish brainchild of a trio of russian scientists was born abroad and is now returned to russia to have been on a shiny new factory at the outskirts of st petersburg aside from being a happy homecoming assembly line launches a big step in russia's attempts to modernize its economy and go green at the same time. the capacity. is the highest.
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in russia countries and in eastern europe we can produce today so. it's equal to. we'll cover. in a long line russians big and powerful made some of the first strides in constructing the incandescent lamps in the eight hundred seventy s. using carbon filaments renowned american inventor thomas edison introduced improved filaments that extended relatively short life of electric bulbs first to forty then to over one thousand hours by the early twentieth century the tungsten filament light bulbs still in use today were already emerging and lamps appeared in the. at the end of the one nine hundred fifty s. and high pressure sodium street lighting in the sixty's compact fluorescents or c.f.l. were pioneered in the seventy's and are still a popular option as we move towards energy efficiency. diodes may be seen in the
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ninety's with improvements in technology since then showing incredible flexibility and efficiency quite possibly making. the future. future the big shots the octagon factory opening. clearly understood the positive impact of having the company on and she was joined by top level dignitaries and investors from moscow and beyond it's a project that state high tech corporation is happy to throw its weight behind. in the field of hatred structures which. is. in fact. cademy at the root of all of this physical technical institute it's been a world class center for fundamental physics and cutting edge technology since the
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days of its founder. train the ranks of the soviet union's top nuclear scientists they also begin work on semiconductors that underpins virtually all modern electronics. was one of the institutes in the field of semiconductor physics and of today's elite d's. we saw the appearance of. based on a three d. find semiconductors. that was in the late one nine hundred sixty. is is the next generation know how to develop students and what we see here demonstrates how fast changing both in scientific and technological terms and also
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in terms of the top rate equipment racing here. top managers. of students in the same mid ninety's graduate class and while the optoelectronics department gave them the best of foundations they were completing their studies at a time of difficult transition for the russian scientific community. at the beginning of. our economy facing a dramatic evil due to disastrous reforms implemented by the government i mean they were carried out in a callous way and as a result russian science found itself in a difficult situation we could not have survived maintained our scientific potential with international collaboration. founders were part of. innovative entrepreneurs seeking the elusive startup
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conditions in an era of uncertainty in fact much of the developed world was suffering in economic identity crisis in the late twentieth century not just in the collapsing socialist bloc german city of dortmund where the russian innovators eventually found her incubator was no exception. the world is full of rusting old industrial space by the wayside and the constant shifts of the global economy the challenge on everyone's minds is to rethink and rebuild these spaces to compete in the high tech twenty first century. challenges were particularly acute endured more a city of the once mighty male logical complex and europe's largest economy these pictures are from the final days of phoenix west a massive plant operator. along with other heavy industry installations. working class long before the mill was shuttered for good in one thousand nine hundred eight the economic.
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crisis. had to take a decision to do for the future. technology . the decision and the result of this decision you can see here so. by the way a. new facility. passed. in april two thousand and five. for micro. clean room infrastructure for small companies trying to take technology ideas. from the city state and european union now
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hosting around twenty companies with over one hundred employees including many. technology. markets obviously. this is. the perfect infrastructure in order to do the technology and where the money to come from basically. you know to get this infrastructure in a. team. to make a predictable conversion you have a timeframe of two the three years in order to convert technology to products and prepare the company in order to approach global markets that's exactly the kind of preparation alex and his classmates turned business partners and up to god were
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looking for when they came to dortmund an incubator to help them take top quality off to electronic technology to the market. up the gun originally was founded by. two my friends and classmates from university and myself and. myers who joined us and he helped to move here to. this. company made was here and through this time to develop the main principles and basically team. loop created that elegant but today we have between ten companies on the level of performance so what exactly was it that opera gun needed to get their business off the ground insured equipment light emitting diodes don't grow on trees they grow in every taxi all reactors are able to rent top quality equipment in affordable rates and the m.s.t. factory in the octagon team could set about generating the top quality samples that
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made them an attractive investment to set up a full scale production here's how it's done production starts with a thin model crystal lean sapphire wafer and a process known as. placed inside a special chamber the wafer is bombarded with various gases to form a multi-layered structure under specific pressure and temperature conditions the gases cause chemical reactions leaving layers of gallium nitride indium nitride and aluminum nitride on the way for surface each wafer will produce up to thousands of elite d.s. so a laser edging process cards out the individual chips contacts are then affixed to each one of the tiny l.e.d. chips are now ready to be placed in. casement connected with the contacts and covered with. blue light negative and positive charge currents meet in the active layer of the diode releasing photons in the form of visible light and.
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recovering the innovation technologies. and we talked to. several financial groups and. they. bought it. inside. the way the. least disliked defects. even. the chips was a more cost efficient technology delivering the same level of performance we are in a transition phase for pilots. who have. busy calibrating their production lines in st petersburg to perfectly recreate the
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recipe day nailed down and it's a tedious process. and now the expectations are. comes out of these machines is going not to showcase for potential investors but to meet the lighting needs of clients. to plan what advantages. for an equivalent amount of light up to go on projects it's. nearly ten fold and incandescents by fifty times meanwhile they will cut in half the energy usage of most and usefully ten times less electricity than. mercury pollution is a potentially serious problem with energy saving c.f.l. . elegies completely. environmentally safe in russia we. have a ban four hundred. other people. but in russia there
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is no such high penetration of the so we see that in terms of the market size directly placement. it's bigger to europe to. expect russian market to grow. we see the growth of the market for russia from seventy to one hundred percent a year and we expect this to continue. doesn't have to look too far for customers is the city of st petersburg is undergoing an l.e.d. overhaul. companies in charge of maintaining some one hundred eighty thousand lighting elements around the city that's a huge market for the new. currently power consumption total several megawatts. of the major production plant that will produce and hopefully lights to will be. initially we intend to use to eliminate the city's gardens and. there's also
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a. construction plan in the pipeline with new streets to be designed and built in two thousand and twelve twenty thirteen. so after we've done the pox we'll extend the replacement program to residential districts and then move on to revamp the lighting for major transport raise in the city as well as the embankments and other cases. beyond their hometown optic on his branching out to the far away russian republic of straddling the arctic circle in icy northern siberia energy efficiency is more than a slogan they're producing electricity and much of the region is expensive and heavily subsidized they also need new technology built to withstand their long brutal winter. what have you guys done to make it work in. temperature conditions like we have a lot of parts of russia. we just. cold country.
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and this is a prototype here what's different about it i can't tell with the naked eye but tell me a little bit about the technology i would say that right now you can buy minus degree . design is definitely a big part of the heavily competitive game since other companies. already been on the market for years octagon has to show the ability to meet customer specific demands to temperature standards and it's better lighting solutions ever lower costs. more economical light.
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and. really. kind of mass consumer base is a bit beyond our grasp even if you think your street and industrial lighting would be great for your. three hundred dollars price tag. driving down the cost of chip production somebody needs to tackle the issue of design before. the solution lead to creative minds that more deliberative studios are already on the case my scales hip is designed squad is constantly coming up with new week to merge high tech functions with the fashionable for their blueprints a behind the futuristic prototype octagon screw in
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a light pole. what was the main challenge that you guys had to overcome in making these lamps obviously the technology is quite advanced now but it still goes some issues to solve the biggest one is the problem of couldn't don't use the loss of heat so we have to design the very good. radiant is that what this thing is for it here yeah it's like. the theme we just came out for the market three years ago and it's just a standard solution but we like to change it and make it more effective and we got inspired by nature because if you look at some of the stuff like mushrooms for example that apes there just like cause a new wave in up and go in and we create the same the same similar stuff here and help to extend the capacity and space around and.
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to make that cooling process more effect from a purely design perspective from an artistic perspective do you like working with bulbs that need a radiator this clunky like when i look at this i see mostly radiator very little ball and you don't get light maybe as much coming down this direction are you looking at ways to completely redo l.e.d. lighting so that you don't have to have such a bulky radiator industry itself is very rapidly changing day by day i think maybe even up to one year we'll have another design a different look so what then is the future of this kind of designing a look like you mentioned at a deed selve get in small and small and for example they can close your which is called slide engine and physically. very very tiny. and by implementing that. you know the comma you could wait. looking for what some of the designs may seem a bit frivolous
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a first glance but we're talking about a far more flexible lighting future where we can ditch traditional shapes in the name of variety of bit of color to just about anything and replace old school single function buttons with tiny screens multiplying the devices possibilities another. location is in the automobile lighting and the hybrid by russian billionaire this month is literally hoping to reinvent the wheel for full scale production sometime in two thousand and twelve the economy cars are trimmed with all the latest gadgets for the urban commuter. mixing group backs both octagon in the new car company so it's no wonder he understood the advantages of that product from st peter's middle which is the first of the use of light to me. to come past consumption. and secondly no less important the extended lifespan basically. is the use of l e d's just to simplify the.
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lowering costs by saving in high precision features. to move the zero has company here as the world's leading luxury sports car makers head seen the light about l.e.d. lamps in recent years as well as the bang for the buck gets better you can expect to encounter more l.e.d.s. on the road. as you can see the technology is finding applications everywhere these days even up your own living room but it's just the tip of the electronics iceberg back in the dorm an incubator there are more innovations on the way from the same team of st petersburg scientists upstairs from octagons launching pad factory i don't offices of the russian companies. industry. scientific work on semiconductor. international team.
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technology. the complete production cycle beginning here with molecular. and finishing with a range of packaged products. chips and fiber. for use. in communications technology. in the laboratory of the. private company here in germany we managed to secure a significant. company. produces millions of chips for the. research to create a unique to be used in the industry of optical computer interconnections. different places. the. project. with
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a proposal to. chips using. something unique. to technology. companies among the global elite. semiconductor crystals. discovered in the one nine hundred eighty s. by physicists. great advantages in laser applications. relative noise. benefits. on the bases of a company's latest invention will be able to make
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a chip that will transmit many channels through a single fiber. one hundred gigabits. it will help replace the bulky bunches of cables that you see everywhere today just a few fibers. energy consumption several dozen times and the maintenance costs many hundred times so. think of the. data coming out of your computer gets on a highway today the options are basically either building a new road. or waiting in traffic with the other data. adding lanes to the same highway sending information on the same fiber using several different. wavelengths and today each plane is flying it speed and you see what kind of breakthrough we're talking about multiply that by the scale of data. google facebook or amazon and you're redefining the world of cloud computing.
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one hundred data centers being set up every year around the world these are enormous factories for data processing consuming a huge amount of energy. in two thousand and six the data processing industry. production in the united states that's a huge number so expect to revolutionize the. future with research and development and production sites in germany. the right conditions for russian optoelectronics technologies to develop. to competitive firms with.
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over the. project and. over the next decade. right here. he's going to cover. these. we would never you know breach.
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would be. very. much. for the full story we've gone to it first hand the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. last time the close of team was in the cool gun region where men flock from all over the world to have a few centimeters to their self-confidence. this time r.t.
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goes to the amore region. for the gold rush still gets people hyped joke. for an ancient tribe fights to save its culture. where cranes are protected in the first and only unofficial nature reserve. to the average of. russia close up on the r.t. .
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india ulti is available in the movie the joint the hotel rooms the i love you lots the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly the tallest west coast coromandel you can go with hotel closely to see don't need to go and. read the sun the colonel was hotel as a retreat. the country is going bankrupt just look at the numbers. solve the u.s. debt call.


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